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        1. 無錫識凌科技有限公司
          Media Center
          Know Ling technology and you meet 2017 C...
          18-20 May,2017 China Health Information Technology ConferenceIt will be held at Qingdao Internationa...
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          Enjoy youth, innovation, integration, wi...
           In May 6th, the Ministry of science and technology organized part of the staff to go to Changz...
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          RFID hospital intelligent nursing system
          In recent years, Wuxi new area to give full play to the national innovation demonstration area sensor network……
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          Hardware Product
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          Clinical Direction
          Medical staff completed daily manual paper work traditionally incl. massive manual documents, repetitive...
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          Hospital Management
          Fixed assets management system realized assets’ full life circle management by barcode, RFID and mobile...
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          Medical IoT Overall Solutions
          Nowadays hospital operation module and interaction between medical staff and equipment have been...
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          Why choose BayNexus?
          Intellectual Property
          42 items of Patents both hoem and abroad and 22 items of Software Copyrights.
          National High-tech Enterprises
          National torch plan innovative industrial project cluster;
          Jiangsu provincial significant scientific and technological achievements transformation project.
          Multi-Channel after-Sales Service
          Strong after-sales team and full-sale technical support.
          About BayNexus
          BayNexus Profile
          Honor and Qualifications
          Hardware Product
          Mobile Intelligent Terminal
          UHF Disposable Flexible Wristband
          RFID Label Wristband
          Disposable Barcode Wristband
          Intelligent Deposit Box
          Six-seater Joint Charger
          Seater Charger
          Mobile Nursing System
          Nursing Management System
          Operation Specimen Inspection System
          Mobile Ward Round System
          Blood Management System
          Fixed Asset Management System
          High Value Consumables Management System
          Sterilization Supply Management System
          Contact Details
          Public Number
          WeChat Service Accounts